MATH 3120: differential equations II; winter 2019.

When/where: TThF 10:35-11:25, LSC 334
Instructor: Theodore Kolokolnikov, Chase building 304,,; Phone: 494-6295.
Office hours: Right after each class. I may leave early if nobody shows up in the first 10 minutes of the office hour.


Evaluation: There will be regular homework worth 25%; a midterm worth 25% and a final exam worth 50%.

Textbook Notes on Diffy Q's, by Jiri Lebl. Free PDF here, or see textbook website to order a cheap hardcopy. Additional notes will be provided.

Math Learning Center: Room Chase 119. It is a good place to study. It is staffed by TA's who can help with your questions.

Outline: Main topics: separation of variables, Fourier series, boundary value problems, dynamics of nonlinear systems, multiple scales.

·        We will follow the grade conversion scale as specified by the Faculty of Science: [0-50) F, [50-55) D, [55-58) C-, [58-62) C, [62-65) C+, [65,70) B-, [70-75) B, [75-80) B+, [80-85) A-, [85-90) A, [90-100] A+.

·        Intellectual Honesty and Plagiarism: If you cheat, you will get into lots of trouble; it is not worth it. For the details, please read the section on academic honesty in the student calendar.

·        Students with disabilities are encouraged to register as quickly as possible with Student Accessibility Services if they wish to receive academic accommodations. To do so please phone 494-2836, e-mail, go to Mark A. Hill Accessibility Center or visit their website at Students are also reminded that all forms are available on their website.

Please also review Official Faculty of Science policies and additional resources.