MATH 3120: differential equations II; winter 2015.

When/where: MWF 11:30-12:30, Dunn 135
Instructor: Theodore Kolokolnikov, Chase building 304,,; Phone: 494-6295.
Office hours: Immediately after each class or drop by anytime I'm in my office. You can also email me to set up an appointment.


Evaluation: There will be regular homework (about once every two weeks); a midterm (to be scheduled) and a final exam. The final mark will be computed by maximizing the formula
final grade = w1*homework + w2*midterm + w3*final
subject to constraints 0.1 ≤ w1 ≤ 0.3, 0.1 ≤ w2 ≤ 0.25, 0.5 ≤ w3 ≤ 0.8 with w1+w2+w3=1.
In other words, the final is worth at least 50% and at most 80%; homework are worth at least 10% and most 30%, and the midterm is worth at least 10% and at most 25%.


  • to be posted

    Textbook The textbook for this course is Elementary differential equations with boundary value problems, by C.H. Edwards and D.E. Penney. It is available in Dalhousie bookstore; a copy is also on reserve in the Math Learning Center, room Chase 119. By the way, that room is also a good place to study. It is staffed by TA's who can (try to) answer your questions.

    Outline: We will cover chapters 5,3,6,7,8,9. Additional material not on the book may be used especially on dynamical systems (chap 7) and PDE's (chap 8). I will provide additional references/notes in this case.

    Grade conversion scale scale: [0-50) F, [50-55) D, [55-58) C-, [58-62) C, [62-65) C+, [65,70) B-, [70-75) B, [75-80) B+, [80-85) A-, [85-90) A, [90-100] A+.

    Intellectual Honesty and Plagiarism: If you cheat, you will get into lots of trouble. Suspected cases of cheating will be referred to the Faculty Academic Integrity Officer. Punishments can include a suspension from university for a year! It is not worth it. For details, please read the section on academic honesty in the student calendar.

    Advising and Access Services Center: Students may request accommodation as a result of barriers related to disability, religious obligation, or any characteristic under the Nova Scotia Human Rights Act. Students who require academic accommodation for either classroom participation or the writing of tests and exams should make their request to the Advising and Access Services Center (AASC) prior to or at the outset of the regular academic year. Please visit for more information and to obtain the Request for Accommodation Form A.