Dear WAW2006 programme committee member,

We will use EasyChair to manage the review process for the LNCS volume.

Here are the steps of the process:

1. Feb. 2-6: Login to the conference reviewing site ( as a PC member and indicate which papers are of interest to you. Please indicate twice as many papers (i.e. 8) as you are expected to review (i.e. 4)

2. Feb. 7: If you haven't already, you should log in to the conference reviewing site and go to the "Reviews" -> "My papers" page as soon as possible to check that the papers assigned to you are suitable and to start your reviewing.

3. CONFIDENTIALITY: Please remember that you should treat the papers you have been given to review as confidential. They are not published yet, and should not be referred to or otherwise used in your work.

4. Feb. 10-28: REVIEWING PHASE:You should have a number of papers *assigned to you* to review. If you feel you cannot review one or more of the papers assigned to you, please contact the PC chairs as soon as possible, Feb. 11.
Your task is to produce good reviews for each of these papers by
***** February 28, 2007. *****

To enter a review use the "Add Review" button.

Each review will include the following pieces of information:
1/ An overall evaluation or score.
2/ A confidence level.
3 / Detailed comments for the authors.
4 / Comments for the PC.
5 / A reviewer's name if you didn't do the review.

We expect that you will do all your reviews yourself so you will not be using this last piece of information. (If you do have an "external"
review, however, make sure that this field is correct, as this information will end up in the proceedings.)

The detailed comments for the authors are the bulk of the review. We have provided only a simple template for your reviews, not a long "form"
to fill out, as we find that long forms just make it hard for reviewers to do their job. The main reason for such forms was to bulk up reviews,
so please make sure that your reviews are of sufficient length. If your review is too short we may ask you to extend it.

The comments for the PC are to help other reviewers understand your comments. You don't need to include this information if you don't think
that it would be needed. (However, see below for the discussion phase.)

Your overall evaluation will be one of
4 (prize-worthy)
3 (strong accept)
2 (accept)
1 (weak accept)
0 (borderline paper)
-1 (weak reject)
-2 (reject)
-3 (strong reject)
most of these are self-evident, but to provide further guidance, a "strong accept" is to be used for a paper that you would be quite
unhappy to have rejected. A "prize-worthy" paper is one that you think should be nominated for the best paper or best student paper prizes (and
thus you would be extremely unhappy to have rejected).

Your confidence will be one of
4 (expert)
3 (high)
2 (medium)
1 (low)
0 (null)
scores of 1 or 0 are not a good idea. If this is to be your score it would be a very good idea to talk to the PC chairs to get a new
reviewer assigned.

5. March 1-10: DISCUSSION "PHASE": EasyChair does not have a separate discussion phase. Instead you get to see the other reviews of your assigned papers as soon as you have entered your review. Then you get to correspond with the other reviewers (using the "Add Comment" button). As stated, these comments
are *not* sent to authors. If the discussion changes your mind about any aspect of your review (comments for the authors, evaluation, or
confidence) you should then update your review as appropriate. Only the last version of your review will be sent to the authors.

The discussion phase will end on
***** March 10, 2007. *****