Education: Ph.D. (Mathematics, U. Toronto), 1987 (Advisor: D. Corneil)
Employment: Professor, Dalhousie University (2002 - )
  Director of Mathematics, Dalhousie University (2008-11)
  Associate Professor, Dahousie University (1997-2002)
  Assistant Professor and NSERC URF, Dahousie University (1994-97)
  Assistant Professor and NSERC URF, York University (1989-94)
  Assistant Professor, York University (1988-89)
Publications: 69 articles in mathematics
  2 books (Elementary Linear Algebra 1st and 2nd Can. Edition, Our Days Are Numbered)
Supervision: 5 PhD students, 8 Masters students, 5 Honours students, 6 NSERC Summer Undergraduate students
Present Research Award: NSERC Discovery Grant, 2008-2013 ($24,000 per annum)
Awards and Service: Finalist, Discovery Centre's 2011 Science Champion Award
  Member, Electronic Services Committee, Canadian Mathemagtical Society, 2011-

Book Our Days Are Numbered short-listed  for the 2010 Atlantic Book Awards’ Evelyn Richardson Memorial Literary Prize for Non-fiction.

  Vice President (Atlantic Region), Canadian Mathematical Society, 2005-2008.

Member of the NSERC Scholarships and Fellowships Selection Committee (Computing and Mathematical Sciences), 1997-2000.


Chair, Electronic Services Committee, Canadian Mathematical Society, 1999-2002.


Member of the Board of Directors, Canadian Mathematical Society, 1997-2001.