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Graduate Degree Programs

Admission Requirements:

Candidates must satisfy the general requirements for admission to the Faculty of Graduate Studies. For details on admission, fees, and general information see the
Graduate Calendar. Candidates will normally be expected to hold a degree recognized by Dalhousie University at the equivalent of a Bachelor's degree with Honours in one of its own faculties. GRE Aptitude and Advanced Mathematics scores are recommended for all applicants for graduate studies whose undergraduate work has been completed outside of Canada, and TOEFL scores are required for applicants whose native language is not English. Valid score reports must be received directly from the Educational Testing Service. To ensure consideration for scholarship funds, application should be made early.

Masters Degree Program:
At least three full-credit classes at the graduate level must be taken, chosen in consultation with the graduate advisor. Attendance is expected in the statistics seminar and, in addition, participation in the activities of the Statistical Consulting Service is required. A satisfactory thesis must be completed, and an oral presentation of the work must be given in a seminar.

Ph.D. Degree Program:
A comprehensive examination must be completed within one year of initial registration. Enrollment in at least two full-credit graduate classes, participation in a research seminar and, in addition, participation in the activities of the Statistical Consulting Service are required. Preparation and defense of a research thesis are required.

For Further Information Contact:

Statistics Graduate Co-ordinator
Dalhousie University
Halifax, N.S., Canada B3H 3J5
Phone: (902)494-2572
FAX: (902)494-5130


Faculty of Graduate Studies web site

Application forms are available at a web site

Dalhousie University Registrars Offices web site

Statistics Graduate calendar web site


The following courses are offered subject to demand. 

  • STAT 5066.03: Advanced Statistical Theory I.

  • STAT 5067.03: Advanced Statistical Theory II.

  • STAT 5070.03/4070.03: Multivariate Distributions.

  • STAT 5075.03: Multivariate Analysis.

  • STAT 5090.03/4090.03: Probability.

  • STAT 5100.03/4100.03: Survival Analysis.

  • STAT 5300.03: Topics in Statistics and Probability.

  • STAT 5350.03/4350.03: Applied Multivariate Analysis.

  • STAT 5360.03/4360.03: Robust Statistics.

  • STAT 5370.03/4370.03: Stochastic Process.

  • STAT 5390.03/4390.03: Time Series Analysis I.

  • STAT 5410.03/4410.03: Advanced Topics in Time Series Analysis.

  • STAT 5500.03: Topics in Advanced Statistics.

  • STAT 5620.03/4620.03: Data Analysis.

  • STAT 5990.03: Intermediate Statistics for Health Sciences.

  • STAT 7320.03 Statistics Seminar.




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