Dalhousie University - Mathematics Colloquium Fall 2023

The colloquium takes place on Mondays 3:30-4:30 or Thursdays 2:30-3:30 in-person with some speakers occasionally visiting virtually. In the case of a virtual meeting, an invitation and link will be sent the morning of the colloquium dates. For speaker suggestions, email Suresh Eswarathasan at sr766936 'at' dal 'dot' ca

Day Date Speaker (Affiliation) Title
Monday September 11 No Colloquium Grad Orientation Meeting
Thursday September 21 Jose Senovilla (University of the Basque Country) A very singular mathematical theorem
Monday September 25 No Colloquium Departmental Meeting
Thursday October 19 Geoff Vooys (Dalhousie Uni.) Lawvere Theories, Measure Theory, and Topological Algebra: The Secret Algebra of Measurable Spaces
Monday October 23 Trent Marbach (Toronto Met. Uni.) Pursuit evasion on graphs
Thursday October 26 No Colloquium Departmental Meeting
Monday November 6 Ivan Booth (Memorial Uni. Newfoundland) Geometry of Black Hole Mergers
Monday November 20 Philip Johnson-Freyd (Sandia National Laboratories) Code, Names, Coin flips, and Atomic Sheaves: Towards Higher-Order Probabilistic Separation Logics
Monday November 27 David Ruetter (U. Hamburg) Topological Quantum Field Theories and what they know about manifolds