Teaching - MATH 2051 - Fall 2007

Problems in Geometry

This is the page where I post material related to the MATH 2051 course I am teaching in Fall 2007.


  • Office hours: Monday 11:45-12:45, Tuesday 10:00-11:00, Thursday 3:00-4:00
  • Office: 253 Chase building (on the 2.5th floor - you need to take the stairs at the north end of the building.)
  • If you want to come to my office at a different time please email me:tkenney@mathstat.dal.ca
  • Midterm Exam: Wednesday 24th October, 10:35-11:20 & Friday 26th October 10:35-11:20, in class. Here are some example questions. Here are the model solutions:     In PDF format      In Postscript format
  • Here is the midterm examination. model solutions
  • Final Exam: Wednesday 5th December, 19:00-22:00 Dalplex. Here are some example questions. Here are the model solutions.


    Course Handout

    Introduction to complex numbers

    Guide to Writing Proofs

    Triangle Area Formulae

    Summary of theorems in Euclidean geometry

    The disc model of hyperbolic geometry


    Assignment 1 Due in Wednesday 19th September.Hints & Model Solutions
    Assignment 2 Due in Wednesday 26th September.Hints & Model Solutions
    Assignment 3 Due in Wednesday 3rd October.Hints & Model Solutions
    Assignment 4 Due in Wednesday 10th October.Hints & Model Solutions
    Assignment 5 Due in Wednesday 17th October.Hints & Model Solutions
    Assignment 6 Due in Wednesday 7th November.Hints & Model Solutions
    Assignment 7 Due in Wednesday 14th November.Hints & Model Solutions
    Assignment 8 Due in Wednesday 21st November.Hints & Model Solutions
    Assignment 9 Due in Wednesday 28th November.Hints & Model Solutions