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WAW 2006

The Winter School

A library, no matter how vast, is limited by the efficiency of its cataloguing and searching system. So it is with the World Wide Web. With the emergence of the Web as the pre-eminent information storage and retrieval system, the need for better organization and searching systems has become pressing. Between the pin-prick of desire for information and the fruition of a screen full of relevant links lies the latency of intelligent web search. We are getting used to seeing the world through the Web; the time has come to see every world as a web. Every collection of interlinked data (a networked information space) can be organized and searched like the Web. Networks of phone calls, networks of financial transactions, networks of social interactions can all be analyzed by the techniques used for the Web. The secret to successfully searching the web has been known to the builders of better search engines. On the web, as in other networked information spaces, the required information about the information lies in the link structure. Understanding this link structure mathematically and being able to translate this knowledge into applications is the point of this project. The theorems, tools and techniques of graph theory are at our disposal.

The MoMiNIS Winter School provides the opportunity to a group of selected graduate students to attend tutorials in the Modelling and Mining of Networked Information Spaces from recognized experts in the field, and present their own work and receive feedback. The unique setting of BIRS is highly conducive to personal interaction and generation of new ideas. The Winter School has the following objectives:
  • To provide knowledge of the state of the art in the field via tutorials by experts
  • To support young researchers with networking
  • To provide young researchers with feedback on their research and the opportunity to discuss their research interests with established researchers in the field

The Winter School is most useful to students who are starting their doctoral research and have some ideas about the direction of their PhD thesis.

Handout distributed at the Winter School