Dalhousie Mathematics Colloquium Schedule

Winter 2018, Dalhousie University

The colloquium takes place on Mondays 3:30-4:30 or Thursdays 2:30-3:30 in Chase Building, Room 319.


M Jan 15Roman Smirnov (Dalhousie)Towards a new paradigm for mathematical modelling of economic growth
M Jan 29Judith Packer (University of Colorado) Wavelets associated to representations of graph C*-algebras
M Feb 5Anthony Bonato (Ryerson)The new world of infinite random geometric graphs
Th Mar 1 Adam Van Tuyl (McMaster University) Studying graphs using commutative algebra and combinatorial algebraic topology
Th Mar 8 Kuei-Nuan Lin (Penn State University, Greater Allegheny) Blow up algebras of monomial ideals
Th Mar 15Kohei Kishida (Dalhousie University) Probability and Topology of Quantum Non-Locality and Contextuality
M Mar 19Alex Kasman (College of Charleston) On the Duplexing of DNA's Genetic and Geometric Codes
M Mar 26Imran Anwar (Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences) Ancient Greek Conjectures on Constructible Length
Th Mar 29 Sanjeev Seahra (UNB)Einstein's ripples: listening to the violent universe with waves of gravity
M Apr 2Stephanie A. Dick (University of Pennsylvania)After Math: Reasoning, Proving, and Computing in Postwar United States
Th Apr 5Peter Selinger (Dalhousie) Number-Theoretic Methods in Quantum Computing
Th Apr 12 Ram Murty (Queen's University) The Central Limit Theorem in Algebra and Number Theory
Th Apr 19 Tai Ha (Tulane University) Combinatorial structures through algebraic lenses
Th Apr 26Peter Crooks (Institute of Differential Geometry, Leibniz University Hannover) Slodowy slices and Hessenberg varieties
Th May 17Maxim Burke (UPEI) Approximation by entire functions in the construction of order-isomorphisms and large cross-sections
M June 18Alex Fink (Queen Mary University of London) Characteristic polynomials of hyperplane arrangements and Hilbert functions
Fr August 17Safoura Zadeh (Institute of Mathematics, Polish Academy of Sciences) Disjointness preserving maps and noncommutative structures