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Read my 1997 travel report on Guatemala .

Some funny True Stories.

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Maps: MapQuest. Mq Canada.
Canadian Postal Codes
Travel Agents: STA, Council Travel, Travel Cuts, Travelocity, Expedia, Cheap Seats Travel.
City Guides: Excite Destinations.
Transportation and Schedules: Greyhound U.S., Greyhound Canada, Voyageur, German Railway.
Entrance Requirements: Argentina.
German Embassies and Consulates: Ottawa, Washington.
Canadian Embassies: Berlin, Washington.
U.S. Embassies: Berlin, Ottawa.
Today's Exchange Rates and Daily Exchange Rates since 1995. Universal Currency Converter. FX Currency Converter.
The exact time: U.S. Naval Observatory.
United States ZIP Codes.
Current Satellite Images: Europe, U.S., Canada.
Map of Crystal Crescent Park.


Bilingual Dictionaries: Foreign Languages for Travelers (complete with sound). German-English Dictionary. French-English Dictionary.
Translation: Google Language Tools
Dictionaries and Encyclopedias: Merriam-Webster's Dictionary and Thesaurus. Encyclopedia Britannica. Encyclopedia.com. Wikipedia.
Style Guides: English Usage Guides.
Spanish Language Schools in Central America: Amerispan, ILISA, Spanish Abroad. Habla Ya Panama. Diversity School.
The Bible, searchable in 10 languages.
Radio Canada: La Premiere Chaine (in French).

Fun, Arts, and Movies:

Wise Old Sayings.
Here are some fun JavaScript games: Lights Off, Move Them.
Aikido: Kokikai Aikido Ann Arbor. Chicago. Kokikai International. Body, Mind, and Modem. AikiWeb.
Title Person
Nobel Prizes.
Some Poetry.
The announcement of the first Leseabend.
See an MR-scan of my brain (courtesy of Emily Seto).
Wine Dark Sea Games.
Torus and Klein Bottle Games.
Lemonade Stand.
Fight Spam! SpiderKiller.
Online Guitar Archive and Music Database. Movie Database.
Live Concerts.

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