Math 2135, Linear Algebra
Winter 2017
Peter Selinger

Course Information

See the updated Syllabus.


Course grades (posted May 10). The course grades are now posted to Dal Online. Thanks to all for taking this course and working so hard. I hope you have a great summer!

Midterm answers. You can find the midterm answers here.

Practice problems (posted Apr 7). If you would like some practice problems on eigenvectors and diagonalization, I recommend doing problems 8–12 from Handout 4. For extra practice of proofs, do problems 14–16 from Handout 4.

Final exam. The final exam will be on Tuesday, Apr 25 at 8:30am in the Dalplex.

Answers to the homeworks (posted Apr 6). The answers to selected problems from homework 3–6 are now posted below (see under "Homework Assignments").

Snow days and homework (posted Feb 16). Since class was again cancelled today, I have no way of collecting homework 4 from you until our next class, which will after the study break, on Tuesday, February 28. I am therefore extending the deadline for homework 4 until February 28.

Midterm (posted Feb 16). As you know, our midterm is scheduled for March 2. Since we have barely started chapter 5, the midterm will cover only Chapter 4: fields, systems of linear equations, vector spaces, examples of fields and vector spaces, linear combinations, span, subspaces, bases, the replacement lemma and its consequences, properties of bases, dimension. It will be a mixture of calculations and simple proofs.

Office hours (posted Feb 7). My current office hours are Mondays 10:30-11:30, or by appointment.

Welcome to the course (posted Jan 10). Here you will find assigments, handouts, and other up-to-date information about the course.

Homework Assignments

  Due Homework
1. Tue, Jan 24 Handout 1 #1–8.
2. Tue, Jan 31 p.156 #4.72, 74, 76, 83; p.409 #B.34.
3. Tue, Feb 7 p.156 #4.77, 80, 81, 91, 94, 95. (Answers)
4. Tue, Feb 28 p.156 #4.101, 103; Handout 3 #1–2. (Answers)
5. Tue, Mar 21 p.190 #5.51, 61, 63, 86; p.222 #6.48, 63, 68. (Answers)
6. Tue, Apr 4 Handout 4 #1–7, 13, 17. (Answers)


Handout 1: Lecture notes on fields (Jan 7): [pdf].

Handout 2: What is a proof? (Jan 31): [pdf].

Handout 3: Problems on functions (Feb 9): [pdf].

Handout 4: Problems on determinants, inner products, eigenvectors (Feb 9): [pdf].

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