Math 316, Differential Equations
Winter 2000
Peter Selinger

Course Information

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Grades. See here for an explanation of how your grade was calculated.

Lagrange Applet. The Lagrange Applet that I showed you in class can be found here.

Useful Web Page. Check out the following web page, which contains lots of useful information on differential equations (found by Greg Giunto): S.O.S. Math - Differential Equations.

Reading Assignments

Homework Assignments


Answers to the First Exam. (Feb 11). DVI, PostScript, PDF.

Possible cases for phase plane in 2 dimensions. (Mar 13). HTML.

Answers to the Second Exam (corrected). (Mar 22). DVI, PostScript, PDF.

Answers to the Final Exam (corrected). (Apr 18). DVI, PostScript, PDF.

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