QPL 2018 Accepted Talks

Samson Abramsky, Rui Soares Barbosa, Nadish de Silva and Octavio Zapata. The quantum monad: towards quantum finite model theory. [extended abstract]
Matthew Amy. Towards large-scale functional verification of universal quantum circuits. [paper]
Albert Atserias, Laura Mančinska, David Roberson, Robert Samal, Simone Severini and Antonios Varvitsiotis. Quantum inspired relaxations of graph isomorphism. [extended abstract]
Miriam Backens and Aleks Kissinger. ZH: A complete graphical calculus for quantum computations involving classical non-linearity. [paper]
Spencer Breiner, Amir Kalev and Carl Miller. Three-party quantum self-testing with a proof by diagrams. [paper]
Giovanni Carù. Towards a cohomology invariant for non-locality and contextuality. [extended abstract]
Giulio Chiribella. Agents, subsystems, and the conservation of information (extended abstract). [extended abstract]
Robin Cockett and Cole Comfort. The category TOF. [paper]
Cristhiano Duarte, Raphael Drumond and Roberto Oliveira. Small violations of Bell inequalities for multipartite pure random states. [extended abstract]
Andrew Fagan and Ross Duncan. Optimising Clifford circuits with quantomatic. [paper]
Robert Furber. Categorical equivalences from state-effect adjunctions. [paper]
Thomas Galley and Lluis Masanes. Impossibility of mixed-state purification in any alternative to the Born rule. [extended abstract]
Fabrizio Romano Genovese and Jelle Herold. Executions in integral Petri nets are compact closed categories. [paper]
Andrew N. Glaudell, Neil J. Ross and Jacob M. Taylor. Canonical forms for single-qutrit Clifford+T operators. [paper]
Stefano Gogioso. Higher-order CPM constructions. [paper]
Stefano Gogioso and Fabrizio Romano Genovese. Quantum field theory in categorical quantum mechanics. [paper]
Stefano Gogioso, Dan Marsden and Bob Coecke. Symmetric monoidal structure with local character is a property. [paper]
Tomáš Gonda, Ravi Kunjwal, David Schmid, Elie Wolfe and Ana Belén Sainz. Almost quantum correlations are inconsistent with Specker’s principle. [extended abstract]
Stan Gudder. Contexts in convex effect algebras. [extended abstract]
Amar Hadzihasanovic, Giovanni de Felice and Kang Feng Ng. A diagrammatic axiomatisation of fermionic quantum circuits. [extended abstract]
John Harding, Chris Heunen, Bert Lindenhovius and Mirko Navara. Boolean subalgebras of orthoalgebras. [extended abstract]
Chris Heunen and Martti Karvonen. Limits in dagger categories. [extended abstract]
Matty Hoban and Ana Belén Sainz. A channel-based framework for steering, non-locality and beyond. [extended abstract]
Mathieu Huot and Sam Staton. Categorical universal properties in quantum theory. [paper]
Bart Jacobs. Lower and upper conditioning in quantum Bayesian theory. [paper]
Emmanuel Jeandel, Simon Perdrix and Renaud Vilmart. Diagrammatic reasoning beyond Clifford+T quantum mechanics. [extended abstract]
Martti Karvonen. Categories of empirical models. [paper]
Ravi Kunjwal. Beyond the CSW framework: a hypergraph-theoretic framework for Spekkens contextuality. [extended abstract]
Niklas Johansson and Jan-Åke Larsson. Efficient classical simulation of some quantum algorithms. [extended abstract]
Bert Lindenhovius, Michael Mislove and Vladimir Zamdzhiev. Enriching a linear/non-linear lambda calculus: a programming language for string diagrams. [extended abstract]
Martino Lupini, Laura Mančinska and David Roberson. Nonlocal games and quantum permutation groups. [extended abstract]
Benjamin Musto and Jamie Vicary. Orthogonality for quantum Latin isometry squares. [paper]
Kang Feng Ng and Quanlong Wang. A universal completion of the ZX calculus. [extended abstract]
Nuriya Nurgalieva and Lídia Del Rio. Inadequacy of modal logic in quantum settings. [paper]
Robert Rand, Jennifer Paykin, Dong-Ho Lee and Steve Zdancewic. ReQWIRE: Reasoning about reversible quantum circuits. [paper]
Jonathan Richens, John Selby and Sabri Al-Safi. Entanglement is necessary for emergent classicality in all physical theories. [extended abstract]
Ana Belén Sainz, Yelena Guryanova, Antonio Acín and Miguel Navascués. Almost quantum correlations violate the no-restriction hypothesis. [extended abstract]
David Schmid and Robert Spekkens. Contextual advantage for state discrimination. [extended abstract]
John Selby, Carlo Maria Scandolo and Bob Coecke. Reconstructing quantum theory from diagrammatic postulates. [extended abstract]
John Selby and Jamie Sikora. Cone programs and generalised probabilistic theories. [extended abstract]
Sean Tull. A categorical reconstruction of quantum theory. [extended abstract]
Dominique Unruh. Quantum relational Hoare logic. [extended abstract]
Renaud Vilmart. A ZX-calculus with triangles for Toffoli-Hadamard, Clifford+T, and beyond. [paper]
Abraham Westerbaan, Bas Westerbaan and John van de Wetering. Pure maps between Euclidean Jordan algebras. [paper]
John van de Wetering. Sequential measurement characterises quantum theory. [extended abstract]